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Hello, my dear friends! Streamers, and those who have decided to watch this video I think you've already guessed the reason we all are here today 28 days ago i got banned on twitch for a whole mouth.

For 30 days, its quite unpleasant, don't you agree? and you probably just thought to yourself: OMG a whole month of being banned! what did you to get blocked for the whole 30 days?.

Probably, its something very terrible probably you've chocked a kitty live? may be you've beaten up a lady?.

Did you lost it and started masturbating on camera? while live? no, friends the reason is different you may think its a prank just another unfunny joke i am unfunny, thats true, but its not a joke, guys, i am banned for a whole mounth cause of just a word 'its just fucked up' and now you are probably trying to guess what is this word? may be its something to do with nazi people? but actually its way simpler and if you're not ready i am giving you 10 seconds.

I was banned cause of the word... faggot 'that is just fucked up'.

Wait lets take a look in the past i started streaming on twitch in the year 2013 so i am in this for almost 6 years i perfectly remember 2013-2014 on twitch i cant for sure tell if it was the best time but i can definitely tell that this was the time without donations or subs for money there was really small amount of streamers everyone i can remember are Meddison, Usya and Cheatbanned the first too were not streaming very often 'i am gonna go throw up' 'i really wanna throw up'.

It was great the breaking moment was in 2015.

The donations allerts has appeared and thaaan.

And everyone started streaming on twitch.

And it was great i was sincerely happy for twitch cause people finally knew about this platform twith grew quite fast and was moving in the right direction it always helped streamers and added something useful and interesting and i can tell it is still the best streaming platform and there is no alternative but in the last few mounth something strange is happening in the last half a year there was a lot of random bans on twitch.

The main reason of those bans was hateful conduct 'i was banned for as they call it hateful conduct' which means hateful conduct but what is hate as twich understand it what does it mean by hate in my stream that was the reason for ban i remember that i didnt insult anyone and the f word was sayed by accident and didnt mean to offend anyone it was just a word 'so you just get banned and thats it for just one word; but twitch thinks that just by saying whis word you insulting gays.

But is there any gays that are actually offended by that?.

So lets ask the gay 'i think that faggot is just a swear word like 1000s of others'.

I'it has nothing to do with LGBT' 'gay is gay, bi is bi'.

'and faggot is a person who've done something bad' 'and thats it its very simple' 'it doesnt hurt me at all' 'i have a lot of gay and bi and trans friends'.

The main problem is that the person who bans all these channels they dont care about the context it doesn't matter how you say it or what you said have you offend someone or just said too much you will be banned anyway and thats why everyone gets banned just like that now it is scary to think about whats gonna be in the end: everyone is gonna be banned!.

My permanent ban on twitch is inevitable with these rules this is just time issue in Russia the word pidor (faggot in russian) can mean anything its just a swear word like many others and it doesn't say something defined, but twitch people don't get that.

And now lets look back in the past again.

2015 is not only the time when twitch started growing pretty fast.

It is the time when the WOMAN came to twitch because there was money it would be fine if there wasn't one thing.

'i am gonna go throw up' you know, its not fair when simple lads get banned for 30 days for 1 word and the others live happy while violating twitch rules too lets speak of the rules, i am gonna read them to you.

*reads twitch rules about nudity*.

Yeah every time when i walk around mall i see this.

Or when i go for a walk at -30C.

'it masturbating-time!' *reads rules*.

How often do you see woman dressed like these in your day to day life? i dont see them at all!.

And another funny thing there was thin woman from Spain who also got banned for the F word, but she was banned for 3 days!.

And at the same time a russian male streamer got banned for the same reason but for 30 days! like me like many others WHY? cause she's a woman? or the f word is less offensive in spanish?.

And no, I am not sexist, there are good female streamers on twitch too but there is such a small amount of them *asking his fans to subscribe to a VK bot*.

And now its the time to let other streamers.

For fucks sakes fuck me in the arse I fucked a cow in her leg iI fucked a ginger monkey.

Twitch rules have changed now.

Hi boys my name is Bratishkin you've seen me in other Jesus's vid.

And now its a bit of a fucked up topic because twitch is starting banning people for words you're not gonna offend somebody.

This rainbow-coloured tie started choking us when twich was bought by amazon.

I am a bit shocked by all those new changes.

The word fag is my fav u get me? I can't say that anymore. I can't offend WoT players. Well, to put it delicately... to call them like they deserve. They are fags. All WoT players are fags..

And that's conventional thing. I even have a song about fags jesus's case is fucked up really because he was protecting twitch.

And got banned for that they have never banned for a whole month before.

It was only 24 hours and permanent but you could easily get unbanned from permanent because you could talk over about that issue..

Need 1-2 months to get the help, respond from Twitch. now you can get banned for 30 days, half a year and a year.

Amazon like all usa companys now are playing by the rules of lgbt and femism etc..

I dont get why they dont like the fag word its a nice smart good sounding word you get me?.

I dont know why they think fags are gays they are agree with that They think if I say faggot, I'm talkin' about fags. No, I'm not. I don't give a fuck about fags. I'm not faggot. I mean like I'm not....

Think about it twitch can ban you for a year even if you have a partnership and you cant stream anywhere while you're banned on twitch.

Because you're twitch exclusive.

The main twitch problem is by trying to defend everybody's rights it fucks with our rights.

I am upset that I can't prank on twitch I liked it, do you get?.

Viewers are offended and they said all callings, even the congratulation are not allowed because it's the violation of the rules of platform.

Damn, fucking ridiculous weird flex, but okay. I should take a shit. I'm taking a shit btw.

My followers know I was banned myself, I said that curse word served enough time Happened one occation at the time of flight to Hong Kong and if my Twitch channel hadn't been unblocked and if I had appeared in one scene with all my partners the channel which is connected with advertising projects would have deleted we wouldn't travel there, if there wasn't sponsors and if I was shown there while my channel is blocked, the travel channel would be banned too and we would come here needlessly the way that community works is that any joke etc offends somebody and that ok.

But twitch wants to build their own community community without a place for me.

I hadn't spread the agression, haven't spread and won't have spread My call pranks are just with the rofl aim. To make me myself and others laugh..

That was really funny and I miss it at this time on Twitch.

Me and my viewers understand that. I really miss it on my live.

But calls are prohibited yet I have had a contact with the moderators who have sent the responds like these are call pranks, even the saying happy birthday.

This is considersed as prank somehow.

If i say fag my channel gets banned immidiatly.

The main goal of this video is not to insult twitch.

I've been streaming for 6 years and twitch is like 2nd home to me is a home that i would not want to leave or get evicted from.

It is silly of me to hope that this video is gonna be noticed by twitch.

But i'd like to hope for a change.

Streamets are always interested in making our platform better.

I've brang my YT audience on twitch, ive recomended twitch to other bloggers.

And i feel sad to get stubbed in the back we are not talking here about not having any rules at all.

Just right now its just absurd! its not OK to be banned for 30 days cause of word.

Dont you get it yourself? i really hope that this vid is not going to offend anyone from twitch, it was not my goal.

CIS stuff on twitch are really great people and i'd like to hope its not just them.

Twith is a perfect streaming platform with no alternative thats why i cant leave. AND I DONT WANT TO! rules...u just need to fix them a bit.

We just want to get rid of this madness! this absurd! it is so simple!.

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